Weiterbildung und Reisemöglichkeiten für junge Kulturaktive

Ein Aufruf des European Network of Cultural Centers (ENCC) zum LIGHTS ON:

LIGHTS ON is a learning/mobility scheme developed and designed by the ENCC
over the past 15 years. It selects and funds a small group of junior
professionals to participate in an intense 5-day training, followed by a
staff exchange in another European country.

This year, LIGHTS ON will focus on the many crises affecting citizens,
cultural centres and communities at large. These crises crosscut
geographical, social, personal and sectoral boundaries. How to cope with
them? Can we identify common strategies and key factors to weigh on? Should
we focus on crisis management, or on systemic change? The training session
invites participants to bring the most burning issue from their daily work
and share it with peers and experts in a safe space.

Bewerbungsschluss 20. Januar 2023, alle Infos hier.